Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Top Ideas for Halloween Costumes and Jewelry

Finally, the time has come when we are just a few days ahead of Halloween. The holiday and the festival filled with excitement and fun is here again and we all are going to enjoy Halloween this October 31st. We know that you all must have prepared for the day and are looking forward to celebrating it with family and friends.

For all those of you who have still not decided on which outfits and jewelry will look good on you that day, let’s read about some tips and ideas.


You can explore the large number of outfits available in the local markets and which are not very expensive as well. They are perfect for the occasion and you can choose the best one you like or think will suit you the best. In case you love to wear self designed costumes then let us tell you that it is not that difficult as it might appear to some of us. All that you have to do is to take light colored top or t-shirt and paint/draw a frightful scene or a scary face on it. This will do the trick and you can wear it with jeans or skirt. For the make-up and hair-do, you can try anything you want. For instance, keeping the hair messy and painting the face green or yellow with nails and lips black will look absolutely perfect, though it may sound weird.

Take out all your snaky and creepy jewelry. All that is in shape of crawling animals and which you would not like to wear otherwise is perfect for Halloween. Also, in the market you will find tons of rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets etc which display the human skull and look frightful. They make the best jewelry for the Halloween.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sapphire Bands for Her

As the wedding anniversary approaches near, we know that you have a lot of plans to be executed and amongst all those, buying a surprise gift for the beloved lady tops this list of plans. Most of the people like buying their lady an anniversary band which she will love and cherish for the life.

Sapphire Anniversary Bands

There are so many types of bands viz plain bands, diamond bands, gemstone bands, and there are many settings of the gems which completely alter the appearance of the bands. Out of the large world of bands, let’s discuss some of the sapphire anniversary bands, as the month of September has already begun and sapphire happens to be the birthstone of the month.

1) Nine Stone Band:

Round Sapphire and Diamond Nine Stone Ring

This band features the irresistible beauty of the round blue sapphires and the dazzling diamonds. The usage of nine prong set sapphires in between two rows of diamonds gives it a distinctive look and we are sure that the band will not fail to allure her heart.

2) Pink Sapphire Band:

Round Pink Sapphire and Diamond Half Eternity Ring

In case your girl loves the romantic pink color of the roses, this band is the one that is made for her. The designer has cleverly used a diamond in between two pink sapphire gemstones to break the monopoly of the pink color. The gems are channel set to ensure a comfortable daily wear experience.

3) Five Stone Ring:

Here, five oval shaped blue sapphires are used and to enhance its looks the band has the usage of two sparkling diamonds in between every two sapphires; this gives the band a classic beauty. The deep blue color of the sapphire gem will leave her stunned.

Oval Sapphire and Round Diamond Five Stone Ring

You can choose any of these bands, or any other from the store and the best part is that you can get them personalized. The payment method is interesting as well. You can pay in the installments of two or three and the band will reach you just after you have made the first installment.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

How to Select Wedding Rings

Selecting the wedding ring can be a hard task if you have not planned for it in a perfect manner. Pre-planning can be beneficial and can help you in many ways in deciding the perfect wedding ring for you. Let us read about how we can plan and work on purchasing the best ring for you.

How to Select Wedding Rings

1) You should never buy the ring in hurry. It is to be worn for the rest of your life and hence you should give due attention and time to it. Shop the way you feel most comfortable and reliable. For example, some people love shopping online while the others feel best to shop from local jewelry shops.

Online Buying Peridot Rings

2) Decide the budget before shopping. There is absolutely no need to over spend just to flaunt it off. In case your budget is low, then you can go for alternates to the gemstones and diamonds. For instance, the lovers of emerald can opt for peridot rings. One thing that would need your attention is to take care how to buy good quality peridot rings . The same thing will be applicable for other alternates as garnet, moissanite etc.

3) Take the ring which you think will look nice even after many years of its usage. Buy it thinking about the future that it should look decent and elegant even after 15-20 years.

Beautiful Peridot Rings

4) Be double sure about the setting and size of the ring that it should give you a comfortable daily wear experience.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Platinum Gemstone Jewelry

These days, people have started preferring white metal for the setting. It may be so because certain gemstones look even more beautiful if set in white metal instead of yellow colored metal. Generally, we have stores offering two white colored metal settings – one is called white gold, and the other is platinum. They both look pretty similar. But when we compare the prices, you may be astonished to know that platinum ring is almost three times costlier than white gold. Though they both look very similar, but you should know that they are considerably different.

Pear Aquamarine Blue Sapphire and Round Diamond EarringsOval Sapphire and Diamond PendantSquare Peridot and Round White Sapphire Ring

Cost probably influences your buying decision. You may be prompted to opt for white gold jewelry. However let us explain why there is a huge price difference. This information will help you make a more informed decision when you are choosing the metal for your jewelry.

White Gold:

Pear Ruby and Diamond V-Bale PendantRound Tanzanite and Diamond Ring

White gold is not mined. In other words, it is not a naturally occurring substance. Rather it is artificially created by mixing gold with some other metals like nickel, silver and palladium. Even alloyed white gold is not the finished metal. It is plated with rhodium to give it that characteristic sparkle. But as it is an alloy of gold, it has almost the same properties as gold like the density, specific gravity, and such others.


Round Amethyst and Diamond Halo Earrings with Metal Heart DetailingPear Emerald and Diamond Pendant

Platinum on the other hand is a naturally occurring metal. It is relatively more hard and strong and even heavier when compared to white gold. It is rarer, and is thus comparatively more expensive.

Positive Attributes of White Gold:

• Comparatively less expensive.
• Manages to appear almost the same as platinum jewelry at almost 1/3rd of the price.

Drawbacks of White Gold:

• It is relatively economical, but do keep in mind that it may not remain durable after sometime. The polish will wear off. The yellowish alloy will make the piece of jewelry look dull and uninteresting.
• It is less strong and durable when compared with platinum.
• It can be allergic.
• It scratches easily.

Positive Attributes of Platinum:

• Durable
• Pure
• Strong
• Less allergic

Drawbacks of Platinum:

• High cost

Barring the high cost, Platinum is any day a better choice as compared to white gold, because it is more durable and strong. If you want the magic of the platinum but cannot spend so much, then white gold is the next best option. You can always get it plated with rhodium when the polish starts to wear off. But if money is not a problem, then it is always best to buy platinum. It is a safe investment. It will always give you good returns.

Solitaire Cushion Amethyst PendantOval Amethyst and Citrine Three-Stone Halo Earrings

Online jewelry stores are the best places to shop for precious gemstone jewelry. But do ensure that you are shopping at a reputable online store. Check out the new and exclusive collection of diamond and gemstone jewelry at

Friday, May 9, 2014

Love Soaked Weddings Rings

Wedding ring is very important piece of jewelry as it speaks of a person’s marital status and there is no one in this large world who would not like to flaunt it off beautifully.
In the large world of beautifully designed wedding bands, let us check out some of the heart alluring bands that add a touch of glamour to that finger:

1)    The Beloved Band
This ring is surely one of the best looking women’s wedding rings. The ruby gemstone studded in it makes it speak of love. The red color reminds of the beautiful roses and the symbol of love. It will be really welcomed when you slip this onto her finger on the special day.

Ruby Beloved Band

2)    The Classic Wedding Band
‘Diamonds are forever’ and so is your love for her. Let this feeling be expressed in the most beautiful manner via this wedding ring. 11 round diamonds adorn it amazingly and she will smile when this ring will sparkle on her ring finger.

Classic Diamond Wedding Band

3)    The Classic Five-Stone Ring
The beauty of the blue sky and the twinkling stars has united to add charm to this ring. The combination of 3 blue sapphires and two diamonds make it worth praise. The designer has cleverly used diamonds to break the monopoly of the blue hue.

The Classic Five-Stone Ring

4)    The Svelte Wedding Band
31 round emeralds are used to glorify the ring. Birthstone of the month of May, emeralds are said to bring good luck to the wearer and strengthen the bond of love. This ring is in every manner apt to be your wedding ring.

The Svelte Wedding Band

Friday, May 2, 2014

How to plan a Wedding

As wedding day approaches near, there are a lot of works to be done and sometimes if we do not plan the wedding properly, the special day witnesses a bit stress and mismanagement. So, in order to keep things working smoothly, we need to pre-plan everything and enjoy the most important day of the life in blissful manner. Let’s read the tips which can help us plan wedding in a better manner:

How to plan a wedding

1) Fix the venue:

Fix the wedding venue

As the wedding season approaches near, chances are less that you may get the desired venue. It can happen that it is already booked by the other couple. So, if you do not wish to settle for less, then please book the place in advance.

2) Shop the wedding jewelry:

Shop the wedding jewelry at

The wedding jewelry, especially the bands, should be chosen with utmost care. There are several things that should be considered before buying the wedding bands. If the jewelry is bought being careful and vigilant, then they can serve us for lifetime.

3) Decide the menu:

Decide the wedding menu

What all food and drinks you want your guests to enjoy should be thoughtfully planned. You can book a caterer if you feel like and he will take care of your needs according to the budget you give him.

4) Do the dress rehearsal:

Do the wedding dress rehearsal

It is extremely important to feel comfortable on the wedding day. So, it is advised especially to the brides that they should wear the dress and have rehearsal. This will help have alterations (if any) in advance.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Last minute shopping ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is the second biggest shopping holiday in the country, suggested by a survey done in 2013 by National Retail Foundation. Celebrated to honor mother and motherhood, this special day evidence a huge number of buyers reaching into their wallets for exclusive gifts like clothing, flowers and jewelry for mom.

Best Jewelry Gifts for Mom

And to celebrate the day, like most of us, you must have prepared your ‘to do’ list.

To do: Buying gifts for mom and planning a day out.

Is the list still waiting for your check off because you are looking for last minute shopping? Well, you are not alone if you think so, as few people shop in advance. Most like to opt for last minute buying as they may get some good offers and discounts.

Now that you are one of them, here are few ways you can shop smartly to get the best gift deal.

Decide your gift and shop online:

The future of shopping is online, so why not to enter into the future now. You can find almost everything online. So just decide your gift choice and look for a suitable web store to buy. There are florists, card shops, jewelry stores, clothing stores and everything online. So if you’ve decided for mother’s jewelry or kitchen accessories, look exclusive online stores for it.

Subscribe their e-mailers and newsletter:

Most online stores offer lucrative deals and discounts for special events like Mother’s Day. They send regular e-mailers and news updates to their subscribers for the same. These updates also have special coupon codes which you can use to avail the offer. So when you select your gift and intended store to purchase it, subscribe their email service and check your inbox for regular updates. When you think the deal is perfect, shop the gift.

Follow their social media pages:

Shopping on social media platforms like Facebook, twitter or Google plus is a new trend. Many stores offer special (generally more discounts then their website) deals on their social media pages. Following your favorite online store would definitely save you extra.


So shoppers, grab those last minute deals, free gifts and special discounts to make this Mother’s Day special for your most adorable women (of course we can’t forget wife, daughter, sister and grandmother).

Friday, March 28, 2014

Choosing the Diamond Wedding Bands

When the wedding day is around the corner and you have yet not purchased your diamond wedding bands, then surely you should do it without wasting any more time. Let us discuss here what all points to be kept in mind while shopping for the same-

Diamonds are forever and so is Love!

Diamonds are forever and so is Love!

1) Budget- Before thinking anything else, please decide the budget. When you know how much to you can spend on the bands, it becomes easy to choose. This will also help you not to deviate from the budget and over spend on bands.

2) How many diamonds- How much sparkle you like will decide the number of diamonds on your band. You can choose a solitaire band, if you like a sober band and pick a multi stone one if you love flashy bands.

3) Metal- Choose the metal which you love the most. If you like the glamour of the white metals, then you may choose the platinum or the white gold. Though you can choose silver as well, yet it is less preferred for wedding bands. Yellow gold is chosen by the ones who like to add some more color to the band.

4) Comfort- As the bands will be worn forever, they should be comfortable to wear on daily basis. Choose the design which will give you an easy wearing experience.

Perfect Diamond Wedding Bands Collection

This way, if you shop keeping these guidelines in mind, you can end up picking the beautifully glistening and comfortable bands in less time.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Aquamarine Jewelry- Epitome of Beauty and Style!

The glistening aquamarine jewelry is increasingly becoming the popular choice of the people. This stone carries the beauty of the ocean waters and looks soothing and refreshing, especially when worn in summers. Birth stone of March, this gem is extensively used in jewelry. Its craze among the women is not a new one. History is evidence of how Queen Ena loved her Aquamarine parure. Let’s check out what all contributed to this collection.  Aquamarine Tiara, Necklace, Pendant, Earrings (2 sets), Bracelet  (2-piece) and Aquamarine Pendant Brooch.

Queen Victoria Ena

People like the aquamarine Rings to be their engagement rings. Seeing this ever increasing craze for this beautiful stone, many online jewelry stores has brought forth some of the very attractive and interesting designs of aquamarine studded jewelry for women. You can explore the irresistibly beautiful collection and pick the one(s) which appeal you the most. 

Aquamarine Jewelry
Aquamarine Jewelry

The online store also lets you get the chosen jewelry custom made according to your taste and budget. Some people like to mix and match the jewelry and they pick the aquamarine earrings for women, rings and pendants to make a complete set in blue hue.

If you wish to gift it to someone, then let us assure you that the gift will surely be welcomed. You can choose to add a little sparkle to it by combining the sea blue stone with diamonds.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Try Kerry Washington’s Black and Pink look

Are you obsessed with Kerry Washington’s red carpet style? The pregnant ‘Scandal’ actress is the picture of poise at award events this year. She is one of the few stars you can trust when think of fashion trends. Her SAG award style was completely eccentric (and a bit risky).

Kerry Washington’s Black and Pink look

It is hard to imagine if a daring combination of black and pink could be so sensual and iconic. Her Prada two piece grabbed all the attention. The hot pink crop top was heavily embellished and paired with a high waist black satin skirt. A matching pink clutch and black lace pumps finished the glamorous look.

Pink the new BLACK

Pink the new BLACK

If you want a catchy and dramatic look like Kerry, try a black silhouette accentuated with black diamond jewelry. Add the pink effect with a pair of bright pink shoes, a clutch and nail paint.

Preen Holden Crepe de Chine Blouse by VIKTOR & ROLF draped pencil skirt by Enhanced Black Diamond Jewelry by Chanel Clutch by Alexander McQueen Armadillo Sandal 130 by Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer by Chantecaille Lip Stick by

Monday, February 17, 2014

Satin Finish Men's Wedding Band

Satin Finish Men's Wedding Band
Round Pink Sapphire Ring
Round Pink Sapphire Ring
You can get this band customized as per your own choice metal. Yellow Gold, White Gold or Platinum -

Square Sapphire and Round Diamond Ring

Square Pink Sapphire and Round Diamond Ring Square Pink Sapphire and Round Diamond Ring Square Pink Sapphire and Round Diamond Ring
For more information of this product, please visit this -

Saturday, February 8, 2014

How to wear the stackable rings

The current tide of fashion and style is on the side of stackable rings at the moment. The famous Hollywood celebs like Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez are the ones which are latest on the list displaying this amazing fashion style.

Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez's Stackable Rings Style

The lovely rings when worn together bring out the mesmerizing beauty. Now, the question arises how to stack these rings? We will discuss some of the easiest way to give our rings a celebrity look.

Color them all-

Steckable Rings Collection

You can use all the rings having gems of various colors. There is no rule in this style. The more the colors, the better will be the look of the stackable rings.

The old and the new-

You can combine any rings, the old ones and the new ones. And the magic begins here; the rings will automatically complement each other, crossing the boundaries of new/old.

Any finger-

There is no restriction of which finger to have these rings on. You can put them on any of the fingers you like or may be all of them. It will just depend on how elegantly you can carry them.

Collection for the Gemstone Stackable Rings

These are some of the tricks which go well while wearing the stackable rings. You can mix and match any kind of metals, gems and styles to flaunt off your favorite rings!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Blue Sapphire Beloved Band

Round Blue Sapphire Eternity BandAll the people who love the sapphire stone to be studded in their wedding bands, we bring an exclusively designed piece. The best part about this band is; in whatever design your engagement ring is made, this band will surely match it in some way or the other and hence you get the matching band to your ring.

The Beloved Ring” at is an epitome of beauty and perfection. It is so designed that it can be worn at daily basis and its happily satisfied customers have reported of a very comfortable daily wear experience. 30 Blue sapphires sized 2 mm are used to adorn this ring. And we are sure that this band will be the perfect one to exchange your wedding vows. It can also be an anniversary gift. The ones, whose birthstone is sapphire, will surely feel delighted if they are presented with this band.

The mentioned jewelry store lets you personalize this band in your taste and budget, as it knows that everyone has a different choice and budget range. You can choose the quality of the gem, its carat weight and the metal type. Here, the metal type will influence the look of the band, quality of the stone will affect its brilliance and price and the carat weight will determine the size of the piece. Hence, make a choice in the above cited options and enjoy the band with personalized choice.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sapphire Wedding Bands

If you have chosen the sapphire engagement ring and are looking for a matching band, then can be the fine choice. In case, you are looking for both the sapphire ring and the band, then too, this store shall let you pick one of the best ring-band pair.

The online jewelry store is one of the leading stores in the US and it brings forth an enticing range of beautifully designed sapphire wedding bands. You can explore the large collection and find a number of styles, designs and different combinations of stones in the bands. Here, you will find the blue sapphire bands, pink sapphire bands, bands with combination of diamonds and sapphires, bands in yellow gold and bands in various white metals.

Sapphire Wedding Bands

The store lets you own these beautiful bands in your choice and budget. It gives you the freedom to choose the quality of the gem, its carat weight and also the metal type. Here, the quality of the gem shall determine the brilliance of the stone and its price. The carat weight of the stone will decide its size and the metal type will influence the overall look of the band. These options shall help you get the band in your pocket size. It will be an exciting feeling to own the beautiful band in own budget and choice.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Why Sapphire is so Popular?

Sapphire is the new found love of women these days. From celebrities to fashionistas, most women pick sapphire rings for special occasions. The popularity of the gemstone has gone higher in past few years. Ever wonder what is so special about sapphires that make them the best diamond alternative?

Let’s check out why the vibrant beauty is so popular amongst fashion lovers.

It’s precious

Sapphire is one of the four precious stones that are valued for their beauty, rarity and legendary history. Diamond, ruby and emerald are the other three. The stone was highly valued by royals and nobles for its radiant beauty and symbolic qualities. In history, it was considered as the stone of virtue and wisdom. It was believed that wearing sapphire could bring immense powers and prosperity. In ancient and medieval eras, kings and priests wore sapphire cocktail rings as it was thought that the big size stone better connects them with heavenly powers, which then give them the wisdom required for ruling ethically and wisely.

Also, the gem is rare as finding high quality stones of more than a carat is difficult. And when found, they cost a premium.

It’s strong and vivid

Multi Colored Sapphires

A very prominent reason of the popularity of sapphires is its structural features. Sapphires are the second hardest gemstone on the planet as they score 9 on moh’s scale of hardness. This means, cutting the stones in any desired shape becomes easier. Also, the rainbow of colors the stone is found in, are a very prominent reason of their popularity. Blue sapphires are the most popular of all sapphires yet women also love them in other colors like pink, orange, violet and white.

It complements everything

Like diamonds, sapphires set in any form of jewelry can complement anything in your wardrobe. From an LBD to flowing gowns, maxi dresses and even the casual denims with loose tops, you can punctuate any of your dress with your special accessory.

It’s romantic

It’s a well know fact now that sapphire engagement rings are a perfect symbol of romantic start and lasting love. There are many famous celebrities who opted for sapphire ring for engagement. Princess Anne, Princess Diana, Princess Catherine, Penelope Cruz, Elizabeth Taylor, Elizabeth Hurley, Heather Mills and more, the list is long and interesting.

Along with the mentioned reasons, sapphire being the birthstone of September and the anniversary stone for the 5th year of marriage becomes a beautiful choice for special gifts.