Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Fantasia Barrino's Unique Wedding - All Details and Photos

God is the perfect matchmaker. Nevertheless, many forget to thank him for his expert skills. However, if you were Fantasia Barrino, you would take to social media to thank God for sending the perfect life partner.


The American Idol 2004 winner is on cloud nine after finding her soul mate and finally tying the knot with him on Saturday, 18, 2015 in a dream wedding ceremony.

Barrino, who was engaged to Kendall Taylor in November 2014, took her Instagram account to share her fairytale wedding details. She shared many photos showing variety of elements of the ceremony. The photos and her captions revealed details of the wedding, which took place on a yacht with Barrino's favorite color scheme for decoration.


One photo showed the singer smiling widely while the groom embraced her. In a white lace gown with jeweled headband and bejeweled bouquet of red roses, Fantasia was radiant and blushing.

Another snap shows a four-tier cake decorated in bride's favorite black, red and white theme. She thanked @laimage for the cake and her make-up.


"Not Only does @laimage1 do my make up but she makes Amazing Cakes.. Thank you Sissy I'm still on cloud 9."

Newlywed singer also thanked others for helping with her wedding planning, "@curtis_reynolds_entertainment you Rock my Love❤ these pics were for the Yacht thanks to the Fashion Mall for letting me use their location.. Beautiful place and Beautiful Dresses.."


This yacht wedding with exotic decorations in red, black and white is 'unique and memorable' for the singer and her new man. The couple was engaged in 2014 after which Fantasia shared a close-up of her giant engagement ring. This all diamond ring features a brilliant halo framing a large diamond. The band also has diamonds for extra sparkle. Her wedding bands in recent photos look equally stunning and breathtaking.

Fantasia Barrino-Diamond-Ring

All these happy photos clearly state that this is an ideal summer wedding to inspire many future brides. Those who are planning for a proposal or a milestone anniversary celebration would also take tips from our celebrity singer.

Do you have a special wedding plan like Fantasia? We would be delighted to know your dream wedding ideas.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Love Gifts for Her

Sometimes, it is a just a piece of jewelry which can light up her face and get her back in good mood. Also, jewelry can be the perfect gift for all occasions and festivals. It sparkles beautifully, just speaking of all your feelings and love that you have for her in your heart. 
Love Gifts for Her
Though, any piece and style of jewelry will never fail to allure her, yet the charm of a gemstone pendant is intact since ages. Let's have a look at the exclusively designed gemstone pendants which can help you choose the best one for your beloved lady.
1) Ruby Pendant
Solitaire Round Ruby and Diamond Infinity Knot Pendant
Stylish and elegant, this pendant features a fiery red ruby as the center stone inside an infinity knot. The prong set ruby is the main highlight and the usage of 8 dazzling diamonds enhances the beauty of the pendant. The pendant speaks of the infinite love and the passionate feelings. The prong set ruby can be chosen according to your taste and the budget. You can choose the quality of the gem and easily alter the looks and the price of the pendant.
2) Emerald Pendant
Solitaire Round Emerald Infinity Knot Pendant
For all the ones who love the gemstone of prosperity 'Emerald', this pendant is like a dream come true. Set in 14K white gold, the emerald solitaire pendant is designed to bring out the beauty of the infinity knots. The pendants conveys the message of forever togetherness and eternal love.
Ruby Encrusted Love Knot Heart Pendant
The metal heart inside a love knot encrusted with round rubies is certainly a delightful sight; and when this amazing beauty is in the form of a pendant, the beauty is beyond description. The usage if 14K yellow gold adds a beautiful color to the pendant and this turns up to be the perfect gift for the perfect lady.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fashionable Opal Rings

With October comes festivity and the urge of merrymaking; it is the advent of the winter celebration season. Also, the month invokes happiness to the people born in October in the form of Opal jewelry. Associated with hope, faith, peace and creativity, Opal gemstone promises spiritual balance in the life of the wearer. Traditionally, the stone is believed to cast its magic through the fury of colors that it exhibits. An incredible cure for all diseases and a divine benefactor for troubles of daily life is what the gem is regarded for.

Fashionable Opal Rings

Not only such conventional rituals and values, but opals are also much-loved for their fashionable and contemporary appearance. Opal rings look very glamorous and modern because of the array of bright colors they reflect from every corner of the ring piece. They express dynamism and innovativeness of the owner. The stone in itself is so fresh and dapper; just imagine how urbane would it appear if fitted in a classy designer metal piece.

Take a look at two smart and groovy rings containing the multicolored October birthstone; you will certainly be carried away with these lovely designs.

Oval Ravishment

Oval Cabochon Opal and Diamond Split Shank Ring

A medium-sized oval opal, placed in the center, is touched lovingly by two dainty and sparkling white diamonds. The two little sparklers are held in the white space of the metal, forming a design of split shank. Diamonds add more radiance to the opalescence of the center stone and a wonderful twist to the three-stone style of rings. This work of jewelry art is the epitome of elegance and splendor as carried by the present-day girl.

Fashion Stunner

Pear Cabochon Opal and Diamond Crossover Ring

What can be more modern and trendy than a pear-shaped ring? A pear-shaped gemstone highlights a woman’s sophistication and femininity at its best. This is exactly what this Pear Opal and Diamond Crossover Ring features. The pear charmer is half bordered with a strip of round diamonds that extends further, hammering out a bridge crossover pattern with a plain metal intersecting it from the other side of the ring. Voguish cross shank is the headliner of this opal piece, which can be a great wedding anniversary gift from a husband to his darling wife.

Monday, October 6, 2014

What these diamond shapes explain about you?

A diamond is a brilliant gemstone to discover the mysteries of nature. Its formation, structure and fire can explain a lot about the world before us. But have you ever imagine, its cut and shape could also explain a lot about your personality?

That’s true. The shape of your diamond can predict about your personality. It can suggest whether you are conservative or modern, traditional or trendy? That might sound surprising but it’s fascinating. Studies have shown that people with particular personality type are drawn towards a specific diamond shape.

Let’s find out what it reveals about your personality and how accurate the prediction is.

Round Diamond

Classic round shape is the most popular diamond shape for rings. This shape represents endless love and commitment. Women who choose round diamonds are considered to be classic and traditional. They prefer the old school romance and usually resist changes. These women always look perfectly put together. They want a traditional, relaxed and unfussy wedding. Of course the romance should be there. They spend a good time to ensure everything is perfect. Madonna, Angie Harmon, Mary J. Bilge, Lauren Conrad, Natalie Portman are famous women who have been given round diamond rings.

Oval Diamond

It is next to round shapes in popularity for solitaire rings. Oval diamonds give longer illusion to fingers. Woman who pick oval diamonds have over the top choice. They are creative, colorful and cool. They always give special attention to details. Oval shape for diamond is very feminine and inventive. It represents stability in thoughts. Women with oval diamond rings want a bright, cool and colorful wedding. They like traditional things but could go for slight trimming to include a bit of modernism. Famous women with oval diamond engagement rings are Katie Holmes, Toni Braxton and Blake Lively.

Emerald-cut Diamond

Emerald-cut diamonds are old fashioned yet they exude unique elegance. The rectangular shape produces a mesmerizing ‘hall of mirrors’ even though the brilliant cut effect is not there. Emerald diamond rings represent glamor, confidence and sophistication. Women who choose an emerald diamond are crystal clear in thoughts and attitude. They never look any approval from others but like to lead everything. Grace Kelly, Kate Hudson and Beyonce are few renowned names who received emerald diamond rings.

Princess Diamond
Princess diamonds are a remarkable mix of brilliance and clarity. It has pointed corners so requires secure setting. This shape represents extravagant glitter, and women who choose it never like to move away from spotlight. They love all things bright and brilliant. They have a versatile, bold, independent and assertive personality. Anyone with this diamond shape likes to be treated as a princess. The shape has a traditional appeal with a touch of modernity. That means a sense of excitement and admiration is there. Jessica Biel, Sherri Shepherd, Katrina Bowden, Kristen Bell and Kendra Wilkinson were bestowed with unique princess diamond rings.

Cushion Diamond

Conventional yet contemporary defines this diamond shape and the personality of women who choose it. A century old shape, cushion as the name suggests is a pillow like diamond. It exudes elegance, romance and clarity. Women who choose this shape are fashionable, romantic and classic. A timeless shape for engagement rings, it speaks about the perfection and age old glamor. Kim Kardashian, Gabrielle Union and Naya Rivera spotted cushion diamond engagement rings.