Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Fantasia Barrino's Unique Wedding - All Details and Photos

God is the perfect matchmaker. Nevertheless, many forget to thank him for his expert skills. However, if you were Fantasia Barrino, you would take to social media to thank God for sending the perfect life partner.


The American Idol 2004 winner is on cloud nine after finding her soul mate and finally tying the knot with him on Saturday, 18, 2015 in a dream wedding ceremony.

Barrino, who was engaged to Kendall Taylor in November 2014, took her Instagram account to share her fairytale wedding details. She shared many photos showing variety of elements of the ceremony. The photos and her captions revealed details of the wedding, which took place on a yacht with Barrino's favorite color scheme for decoration.


One photo showed the singer smiling widely while the groom embraced her. In a white lace gown with jeweled headband and bejeweled bouquet of red roses, Fantasia was radiant and blushing.

Another snap shows a four-tier cake decorated in bride's favorite black, red and white theme. She thanked @laimage for the cake and her make-up.


"Not Only does @laimage1 do my make up but she makes Amazing Cakes.. Thank you Sissy I'm still on cloud 9."

Newlywed singer also thanked others for helping with her wedding planning, "@curtis_reynolds_entertainment you Rock my Love❤ these pics were for the Yacht thanks to the Fashion Mall for letting me use their location.. Beautiful place and Beautiful Dresses.."


This yacht wedding with exotic decorations in red, black and white is 'unique and memorable' for the singer and her new man. The couple was engaged in 2014 after which Fantasia shared a close-up of her giant engagement ring. This all diamond ring features a brilliant halo framing a large diamond. The band also has diamonds for extra sparkle. Her wedding bands in recent photos look equally stunning and breathtaking.

Fantasia Barrino-Diamond-Ring

All these happy photos clearly state that this is an ideal summer wedding to inspire many future brides. Those who are planning for a proposal or a milestone anniversary celebration would also take tips from our celebrity singer.

Do you have a special wedding plan like Fantasia? We would be delighted to know your dream wedding ideas.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Love Gifts for Her

Sometimes, it is a just a piece of jewelry which can light up her face and get her back in good mood. Also, jewelry can be the perfect gift for all occasions and festivals. It sparkles beautifully, just speaking of all your feelings and love that you have for her in your heart. 

Love Gifts for Her

Though, any piece and style of jewelry will never fail to allure her, yet the charm of a gemstone pendant is intact since ages. Let's have a look at the exclusively designed gemstone pendants which can help you choose the best one for your beloved lady.

1) Ruby Pendant

Solitaire Round Ruby and Diamond Infinity Knot Pendant

Stylish and elegant, this pendant features a fiery red ruby as the center stone inside an infinity knot. The prong set ruby is the main highlight and the usage of 8 dazzling diamonds enhances the beauty of the pendant. The pendant speaks of the infinite love and the passionate feelings. The prong set ruby can be chosen according to your taste and the budget. You can choose the quality of the gem and easily alter the looks and the price of the pendant.

2) Emerald Pendant

Solitaire Round Emerald Infinity Knot Pendant

For all the ones who love the gemstone of prosperity 'Emerald', this pendant is like a dream come true. Set in 14K white gold, the emerald solitaire pendant is designed to bring out the beauty of the infinity knots. The pendants conveys the message of forever togetherness and eternal love.


Ruby Encrusted Love Knot Heart Pendant

The metal heart inside a love knot encrusted with round rubies is certainly a delightful sight; and when this amazing beauty is in the form of a pendant, the beauty is beyond description. The usage if 14K yellow gold adds a beautiful color to the pendant and this turns up to be the perfect gift for the perfect lady.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fashionable Opal Rings

With October comes festivity and the urge of merrymaking; it is the advent of the winter celebration season. Also, the month invokes happiness to the people born in October in the form of Opal jewelry. Associated with hope, faith, peace and creativity, Opal gemstone promises spiritual balance in the life of the wearer. Traditionally, the stone is believed to cast its magic through the fury of colors that it exhibits. An incredible cure for all diseases and a divine benefactor for troubles of daily life is what the gem is regarded for.

Fashionable Opal Rings

Not only such conventional rituals and values, but opals are also much-loved for their fashionable and contemporary appearance. Opal rings look very glamorous and modern because of the array of bright colors they reflect from every corner of the ring piece. They express dynamism and innovativeness of the owner. The stone in itself is so fresh and dapper; just imagine how urbane would it appear if fitted in a classy designer metal piece.

Take a look at two smart and groovy rings containing the multicolored October birthstone; you will certainly be carried away with these lovely designs.

Oval Ravishment

Oval Cabochon Opal and Diamond Split Shank Ring

A medium-sized oval opal, placed in the center, is touched lovingly by two dainty and sparkling white diamonds. The two little sparklers are held in the white space of the metal, forming a design of split shank. Diamonds add more radiance to the opalescence of the center stone and a wonderful twist to the three-stone style of rings. This work of jewelry art is the epitome of elegance and splendor as carried by the present-day girl.

Fashion Stunner

Pear Cabochon Opal and Diamond Crossover Ring

What can be more modern and trendy than a pear-shaped ring? A pear-shaped gemstone highlights a woman’s sophistication and femininity at its best. This is exactly what this Pear Opal and Diamond Crossover Ring features. The pear charmer is half bordered with a strip of round diamonds that extends further, hammering out a bridge crossover pattern with a plain metal intersecting it from the other side of the ring. Voguish cross shank is the headliner of this opal piece, which can be a great wedding anniversary gift from a husband to his darling wife.

Monday, October 6, 2014

What these diamond shapes explain about you?

A diamond is a brilliant gemstone to discover the mysteries of nature. Its formation, structure and fire can explain a lot about the world before us. But have you ever imagine, its cut and shape could also explain a lot about your personality?

That’s true. The shape of your diamond can predict about your personality. It can suggest whether you are conservative or modern, traditional or trendy? That might sound surprising but it’s fascinating. Studies have shown that people with particular personality type are drawn towards a specific diamond shape.

Let’s find out what it reveals about your personality and how accurate the prediction is.

Round Diamond

Classic round shape is the most popular diamond shape for rings. This shape represents endless love and commitment. Women who choose round diamonds are considered to be classic and traditional. They prefer the old school romance and usually resist changes. These women always look perfectly put together. They want a traditional, relaxed and unfussy wedding. Of course the romance should be there. They spend a good time to ensure everything is perfect. Madonna, Angie Harmon, Mary J. Bilge, Lauren Conrad, Natalie Portman are famous women who have been given round diamond rings.

Oval Diamond

It is next to round shapes in popularity for solitaire rings. Oval diamonds give longer illusion to fingers. Woman who pick oval diamonds have over the top choice. They are creative, colorful and cool. They always give special attention to details. Oval shape for diamond is very feminine and inventive. It represents stability in thoughts. Women with oval diamond rings want a bright, cool and colorful wedding. They like traditional things but could go for slight trimming to include a bit of modernism. Famous women with oval diamond engagement rings are Katie Holmes, Toni Braxton and Blake Lively.

Emerald-cut Diamond

Emerald-cut diamonds are old fashioned yet they exude unique elegance. The rectangular shape produces a mesmerizing ‘hall of mirrors’ even though the brilliant cut effect is not there. Emerald diamond rings represent glamor, confidence and sophistication. Women who choose an emerald diamond are crystal clear in thoughts and attitude. They never look any approval from others but like to lead everything. Grace Kelly, Kate Hudson and Beyonce are few renowned names who received emerald diamond rings.

Princess Diamond
Princess diamonds are a remarkable mix of brilliance and clarity. It has pointed corners so requires secure setting. This shape represents extravagant glitter, and women who choose it never like to move away from spotlight. They love all things bright and brilliant. They have a versatile, bold, independent and assertive personality. Anyone with this diamond shape likes to be treated as a princess. The shape has a traditional appeal with a touch of modernity. That means a sense of excitement and admiration is there. Jessica Biel, Sherri Shepherd, Katrina Bowden, Kristen Bell and Kendra Wilkinson were bestowed with unique princess diamond rings.

Cushion Diamond

Conventional yet contemporary defines this diamond shape and the personality of women who choose it. A century old shape, cushion as the name suggests is a pillow like diamond. It exudes elegance, romance and clarity. Women who choose this shape are fashionable, romantic and classic. A timeless shape for engagement rings, it speaks about the perfection and age old glamor. Kim Kardashian, Gabrielle Union and Naya Rivera spotted cushion diamond engagement rings.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Top Ideas for Halloween Costumes and Jewelry

Finally, the time has come when we are just a few days ahead of Halloween. The holiday and the festival filled with excitement and fun is here again and we all are going to enjoy Halloween this October 31st. We know that you all must have prepared for the day and are looking forward to celebrating it with family and friends.

For all those of you who have still not decided on which outfits and jewelry will look good on you that day, let’s read about some tips and ideas.


You can explore the large number of outfits available in the local markets and which are not very expensive as well. They are perfect for the occasion and you can choose the best one you like or think will suit you the best. In case you love to wear self designed costumes then let us tell you that it is not that difficult as it might appear to some of us. All that you have to do is to take light colored top or t-shirt and paint/draw a frightful scene or a scary face on it. This will do the trick and you can wear it with jeans or skirt. For the make-up and hair-do, you can try anything you want. For instance, keeping the hair messy and painting the face green or yellow with nails and lips black will look absolutely perfect, though it may sound weird.

Take out all your snaky and creepy jewelry. All that is in shape of crawling animals and which you would not like to wear otherwise is perfect for Halloween. Also, in the market you will find tons of rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets etc which display the human skull and look frightful. They make the best jewelry for the Halloween.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sapphire Bands for Her

As the wedding anniversary approaches near, we know that you have a lot of plans to be executed and amongst all those, buying a surprise gift for the beloved lady tops this list of plans. Most of the people like buying their lady an anniversary band which she will love and cherish for the life.

Sapphire Anniversary Bands

There are so many types of bands viz plain bands, diamond bands, gemstone bands, and there are many settings of the gems which completely alter the appearance of the bands. Out of the large world of bands, let’s discuss some of the sapphire anniversary bands, as the month of September has already begun and sapphire happens to be the birthstone of the month.

1) Nine Stone Band:

Round Sapphire and Diamond Nine Stone Ring

This band features the irresistible beauty of the round blue sapphires and the dazzling diamonds. The usage of nine prong set sapphires in between two rows of diamonds gives it a distinctive look and we are sure that the band will not fail to allure her heart.

2) Pink Sapphire Band:

Round Pink Sapphire and Diamond Half Eternity Ring

In case your girl loves the romantic pink color of the roses, this band is the one that is made for her. The designer has cleverly used a diamond in between two pink sapphire gemstones to break the monopoly of the pink color. The gems are channel set to ensure a comfortable daily wear experience.

3) Five Stone Ring:

Here, five oval shaped blue sapphires are used and to enhance its looks the band has the usage of two sparkling diamonds in between every two sapphires; this gives the band a classic beauty. The deep blue color of the sapphire gem will leave her stunned.

Oval Sapphire and Round Diamond Five Stone Ring

You can choose any of these bands, or any other from the store and the best part is that you can get them personalized. The payment method is interesting as well. You can pay in the installments of two or three and the band will reach you just after you have made the first installment.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

How to Select Wedding Rings

Selecting the wedding ring can be a hard task if you have not planned for it in a perfect manner. Pre-planning can be beneficial and can help you in many ways in deciding the perfect wedding ring for you. Let us read about how we can plan and work on purchasing the best ring for you.

How to Select Wedding Rings

1) You should never buy the ring in hurry. It is to be worn for the rest of your life and hence you should give due attention and time to it. Shop the way you feel most comfortable and reliable. For example, some people love shopping online while the others feel best to shop from local jewelry shops.

Online Buying Peridot Rings

2) Decide the budget before shopping. There is absolutely no need to over spend just to flaunt it off. In case your budget is low, then you can go for alternates to the gemstones and diamonds. For instance, the lovers of emerald can opt for peridot rings. One thing that would need your attention is to take care how to buy good quality peridot rings . The same thing will be applicable for other alternates as garnet, moissanite etc.

3) Take the ring which you think will look nice even after many years of its usage. Buy it thinking about the future that it should look decent and elegant even after 15-20 years.

Beautiful Peridot Rings

4) Be double sure about the setting and size of the ring that it should give you a comfortable daily wear experience.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Platinum Gemstone Jewelry

These days, people have started preferring white metal for the setting. It may be so because certain gemstones look even more beautiful if set in white metal instead of yellow colored metal. Generally, we have stores offering two white colored metal settings – one is called white gold, and the other is platinum. They both look pretty similar. But when we compare the prices, you may be astonished to know that platinum ring is almost three times costlier than white gold. Though they both look very similar, but you should know that they are considerably different.

Pear Aquamarine Blue Sapphire and Round Diamond EarringsOval Sapphire and Diamond PendantSquare Peridot and Round White Sapphire Ring

Cost probably influences your buying decision. You may be prompted to opt for white gold jewelry. However let us explain why there is a huge price difference. This information will help you make a more informed decision when you are choosing the metal for your jewelry.

White Gold:

Pear Ruby and Diamond V-Bale PendantRound Tanzanite and Diamond Ring

White gold is not mined. In other words, it is not a naturally occurring substance. Rather it is artificially created by mixing gold with some other metals like nickel, silver and palladium. Even alloyed white gold is not the finished metal. It is plated with rhodium to give it that characteristic sparkle. But as it is an alloy of gold, it has almost the same properties as gold like the density, specific gravity, and such others.


Round Amethyst and Diamond Halo Earrings with Metal Heart DetailingPear Emerald and Diamond Pendant

Platinum on the other hand is a naturally occurring metal. It is relatively more hard and strong and even heavier when compared to white gold. It is rarer, and is thus comparatively more expensive.

Positive Attributes of White Gold:

• Comparatively less expensive.
• Manages to appear almost the same as platinum jewelry at almost 1/3rd of the price.

Drawbacks of White Gold:

• It is relatively economical, but do keep in mind that it may not remain durable after sometime. The polish will wear off. The yellowish alloy will make the piece of jewelry look dull and uninteresting.
• It is less strong and durable when compared with platinum.
• It can be allergic.
• It scratches easily.

Positive Attributes of Platinum:

• Durable
• Pure
• Strong
• Less allergic

Drawbacks of Platinum:

• High cost

Barring the high cost, Platinum is any day a better choice as compared to white gold, because it is more durable and strong. If you want the magic of the platinum but cannot spend so much, then white gold is the next best option. You can always get it plated with rhodium when the polish starts to wear off. But if money is not a problem, then it is always best to buy platinum. It is a safe investment. It will always give you good returns.

Solitaire Cushion Amethyst PendantOval Amethyst and Citrine Three-Stone Halo Earrings

Online jewelry stores are the best places to shop for precious gemstone jewelry. But do ensure that you are shopping at a reputable online store. Check out the new and exclusive collection of diamond and gemstone jewelry at

Friday, May 9, 2014

Love Soaked Weddings Rings

Wedding ring is very important piece of jewelry as it speaks of a person’s marital status and there is no one in this large world who would not like to flaunt it off beautifully.
In the large world of beautifully designed wedding bands, let us check out some of the heart alluring bands that add a touch of glamour to that finger:

1)    The Beloved Band
This ring is surely one of the best looking women’s wedding rings. The ruby gemstone studded in it makes it speak of love. The red color reminds of the beautiful roses and the symbol of love. It will be really welcomed when you slip this onto her finger on the special day.

Ruby Beloved Band

2)    The Classic Wedding Band
‘Diamonds are forever’ and so is your love for her. Let this feeling be expressed in the most beautiful manner via this wedding ring. 11 round diamonds adorn it amazingly and she will smile when this ring will sparkle on her ring finger.

Classic Diamond Wedding Band

3)    The Classic Five-Stone Ring
The beauty of the blue sky and the twinkling stars has united to add charm to this ring. The combination of 3 blue sapphires and two diamonds make it worth praise. The designer has cleverly used diamonds to break the monopoly of the blue hue.

The Classic Five-Stone Ring

4)    The Svelte Wedding Band
31 round emeralds are used to glorify the ring. Birthstone of the month of May, emeralds are said to bring good luck to the wearer and strengthen the bond of love. This ring is in every manner apt to be your wedding ring.

The Svelte Wedding Band

Friday, May 2, 2014

How to plan a Wedding

As wedding day approaches near, there are a lot of works to be done and sometimes if we do not plan the wedding properly, the special day witnesses a bit stress and mismanagement. So, in order to keep things working smoothly, we need to pre-plan everything and enjoy the most important day of the life in blissful manner. Let’s read the tips which can help us plan wedding in a better manner:

How to plan a wedding

1) Fix the venue:

Fix the wedding venue

As the wedding season approaches near, chances are less that you may get the desired venue. It can happen that it is already booked by the other couple. So, if you do not wish to settle for less, then please book the place in advance.

2) Shop the wedding jewelry:

Shop the wedding jewelry at

The wedding jewelry, especially the bands, should be chosen with utmost care. There are several things that should be considered before buying the wedding bands. If the jewelry is bought being careful and vigilant, then they can serve us for lifetime.

3) Decide the menu:

Decide the wedding menu

What all food and drinks you want your guests to enjoy should be thoughtfully planned. You can book a caterer if you feel like and he will take care of your needs according to the budget you give him.

4) Do the dress rehearsal:

Do the wedding dress rehearsal

It is extremely important to feel comfortable on the wedding day. So, it is advised especially to the brides that they should wear the dress and have rehearsal. This will help have alterations (if any) in advance.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Last minute shopping ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is the second biggest shopping holiday in the country, suggested by a survey done in 2013 by National Retail Foundation. Celebrated to honor mother and motherhood, this special day evidence a huge number of buyers reaching into their wallets for exclusive gifts like clothing, flowers and jewelry for mom.

Best Jewelry Gifts for Mom

And to celebrate the day, like most of us, you must have prepared your ‘to do’ list.

To do: Buying gifts for mom and planning a day out.

Is the list still waiting for your check off because you are looking for last minute shopping? Well, you are not alone if you think so, as few people shop in advance. Most like to opt for last minute buying as they may get some good offers and discounts.

Now that you are one of them, here are few ways you can shop smartly to get the best gift deal.

Decide your gift and shop online:

The future of shopping is online, so why not to enter into the future now. You can find almost everything online. So just decide your gift choice and look for a suitable web store to buy. There are florists, card shops, jewelry stores, clothing stores and everything online. So if you’ve decided for mother’s jewelry or kitchen accessories, look exclusive online stores for it.

Subscribe their e-mailers and newsletter:

Most online stores offer lucrative deals and discounts for special events like Mother’s Day. They send regular e-mailers and news updates to their subscribers for the same. These updates also have special coupon codes which you can use to avail the offer. So when you select your gift and intended store to purchase it, subscribe their email service and check your inbox for regular updates. When you think the deal is perfect, shop the gift.

Follow their social media pages:

Shopping on social media platforms like Facebook, twitter or Google plus is a new trend. Many stores offer special (generally more discounts then their website) deals on their social media pages. Following your favorite online store would definitely save you extra.


So shoppers, grab those last minute deals, free gifts and special discounts to make this Mother’s Day special for your most adorable women (of course we can’t forget wife, daughter, sister and grandmother).